Alarm Systems

Today’s alarm systems can be customized to your business needs to be most effective at protecting your company and assets. With our complete solutions, we deliver greater peace of mind with features such as notifications on your smartphone wherever you are, or an email notifying you the alarm was disarmed or a door has been opened. You’ll access real-time information from touch screens and mobile devices. Our security and surveillance systems provide more safety by also triggering lights, surveillance and audio based on the situation. Set the security alarm and secure all entrances with a tap of your touch screen or smartphone before leaving for the day.

Video Surveillance

With high-definition surveillance cameras in and around commercial property, you can monitor and record activities real-time whether you’re in the space or across the globe. Receive live video streams of entrances for quality control, interior areas, the perimeter, or even check on materials or important assets from the same touch screen that controls your commercial audio / video system or from your smart mobile device. We can provide unique video solutions based on event-triggers, video recording to save for playback and more.

Entry Systems and Access Control

We can help you enhance your brand message to partners and customers through a system that shares visual messages on electronic displays including LCD, plasma, video cube, projector, large LED displays or electronic billboards. You can easily create fresh content, customize views, and broadcast information such as text, graphics and video in a dynamic way. This can save time and resources thanks to our intuitive controls, while all content can be delivered easily via the cloud.

Entry Systems and Access Control

Our modern entry systems provide maximum control for businesses. You’ll do things such as ensure access to your property is authorized at a moment’s notice or restrict entry to only authorized individuals. These systems can be standalone or integrated into your other technology to maximize efficiency. For example, we can tie an access system into your video surveillance, so you keep an eye on everyone coming and going with full reporting. Access can be controlled with door locks, biometric fingerprint, and perimeter barriers such as gate control.

Remote Access

Access your business security and surveillance system anytime from Indiana or anywhere in the world! Using your smart device, you can be sure the alarm is set, change codes, view surveillance and more. We can route your security system through a central monitoring system alerting you via email or text message of events you set. Be instantly notified if there’s a water leak or if temperature hits a specific level. We can even give you controls to adjust the temperature or shut-off the water remotely.

Fire / Life Safety

We can help you increase safety in your business for employees while protecting assets by connecting smoke, heat and gas detectors with your security system. This can ensure rapid response from the fire department. Or, your HVAC system can turn off to prevent fueling a fire. Heat detectors are used to detect fires in places like storage areas. You’ll protect everyone’s well-being by monitoring carbon monoxide, natural gas and LP gas – and more simply than ever before.

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