Home Theater

Relax and enjoy a true and total cinema experience – in your own home. Lights dim, an incredible screen drops and the movie starts. We can design and install a cinema-grade Home Theater with high-performance, take-your-breath away components. The environment is precisely engineered to provide maximum enjoyment, while the room is isolated from outside noise with our special acoustic treatments. We’re experts in optimizing audio including measured speaker placement and tuning of all your audio to give you the most premium surround sound experience. We even specialize in interior design for media rooms and theaters!

Multi-Room Music

Enjoy all your favorite music in one room or every room with one press on a smart touch screen, remote or your mobile device. Today, control of your music can be simple, and you’ll have better sound with the latest high-performance speakers, amplifiers and other components. Speakers can be placed on the floor or in walls or ceilings and can stand out beautifully or be matched to your décor so that they are invisible. Press a button to listen to your favorite artists and playlists from streaming services such as Sonos, Pandora and others. And we personalize speakers, materials and controls just for you.

Video in Every Room

Enjoy premium quality video throughout your home. We can enable any video source, such as a satellite receiver, game console or streaming video service like Netflix, to be shared across multiple TVs. This significantly reduces the video sources you need while cleverly hiding all components away in a central area for improved aesthetics and easy servicing. Plus, we provide you with simple controls to it all so that everyone gets to watch what they want, where and when they want it.

Outdoor Entertainment

From patio to poolside – the playground is yours and the sky is your new ceiling. Enjoy music that follows you outdoors; quiet interludes while you peacefully float in the pool; hot jazz that spices up a family cookout. Be the talk of the neighborhood, add magical fun and passive security—and even enhance resale value of your homestead. For your outdoor living pleasure, we offer daylight all-weather video, multi-speaker audio, infrared heaters, motorized insect and vinyl screens and phenomenal lighting options that not only brighten any party or sunset barbecue but also deliver an important measure of added security. Whether indoors or out, all installations begin with a detailed design. You’ll see where all the pieces will be before we even start.

One Touch Smart Controls

Imagine having one remote, touchscreen or mobile app to access and control all your entertainment, lights, shades, and more. With our solutions, it’s easy. With a press, the TV turns on, the cable box switches to your favorite channel, the surround sound fires up and the lights dim to the ideal setting. We can even customize menus and screens to suit you, your family and even guests.


The right acoustics help control excessive loudness from music and reduce unwanted echoes and reverberations. This is commonly overlooked and is an area of our company’s expertise. We’ll engineer an acoustic design with the best mix of highly aesthetic acoustical materials that match your home’s décor and provide the best, optimized solution for the room and application.

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