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For many years we have heard about the amazing advancements in today’s lighting, fixtures and lighting controls. These include exciting innovations like being able to have the right lighting color and level for artwork, room, time of day, décor and more. From LEDs to natural lighting that mimics the sun to boost your wellbeing – what does it all mean as a practical application in your home?

We can talk about these things, but WOW! There is truly nothing like seeing them live in person! And we were able to do exactly that. We recently visited with Robert Haecker, Owner of TRIPhase Technologies in Zionsville, Indiana. Robert believes so much in the ability of lighting to create mood and atmosphere, elevate interior design, and create convenience that he invested in building a full Lighting Lab where Architects, Builders, Designers and Homeowners can experience everything in a real-world setting. And it’s brilliant.

A Vibrant, Visual Educati

A Vibrant, Visual Education
Robert first escorted us into a beautiful room that was like being in your own home, fully equipped with a dining room, open living area, media room and closet. He explained that people throughout Indiana invest in their flooring, artwork, furniture and interior design. They go to great lengths to express themselves through a beautiful, functional home. He shared that having quality lighting not only makes the most of these elements but can also make a dramatic difference to them and how your home looks and feels overall.

Robert then took us through each space showing how different levels of lighting impact each area. We started with contractor-grade lighting that a typical electrician would provide or that you might get in a standard new home, or have in your existing, older home. This is average, lower CRI lighting, and the light typically has a 65-degree flood area.

Using a touch panel, he then adjusted the lights in the same space to show a higher quality of light. Immediately we could see the room and walls looked smoother and better. The space felt different and more inviting. This lighting is a terrific solution for retrofitting older homes because there’s no need to remove trims or have drywall reworked, yet it instantly delivers an updated look and enhanced ambience.

We also learned how much light beam spread matters. We saw the typical 60 or 65-degree spread, then 40, 22 and 15-degree spreads and how these influenced the rooms. The change is dramatic, and no words needed to be spoken. We discovered how baffle lights offer even higher quality, and how the trim color around the lights makes a smoother, more appealing look to the human eye. TRIPhase offers silver and gold trims for different looks and softness levels. They also consider light color temperature. Think of temperature as different hues from cool to warm lights, selected based on your architecture and aesthetics. Colors and levels can also be adjusted throughout the day to match your needs through simple controls or automatically. These things (and more) influence how your home feels to you and your guests. Lighting really sets the tone – and the mood.

Unique to Each Space and Client
It was clear that Robert and his team thoughtfully study all these variables up front, considering the Client’s entire home picture. They then design lighting properly for that environment. They also customize by location within the home based on the room and activities. For example, we looked at a master closet with standard master closet lights, then with puck lights; then he showed us the best lighting for the closet, which is tape lighting. This is popular and ideal for closets, pantries and master baths.

The dining room was eye opening. It was outfitted with a table, credenza, artwork and more. We experienced the same room with different lighting and how each changes the room’s feeling, mood and elegance. Robert demonstrated conventional bright light first, then added a second layer of light, then a third layer that changed how the outside of the room and artwork appeared. Going through those steps took a typical dining room from a harsh, standard room to a warmer, moodier and more pleasant environment ideally suited for eating and entertaining.

It’s an Art! The Right Light for That Special Piece

It’s an Art! The Right Light for That Special Piece
What about artwork? TRIPhase also has all the options to properly light up and accentuate your art beautifully. For example, if you’re building a new home and you know you’ll have artwork on a specific wall but don’t yet know what it will be, they put a recessed plug on the wall that is ready when you are. When the art arrives, they add the light over it easily. These lights can be made to match your home with a variety of stunning custom finishes. They also offer new, natural lighting that delivers the right vibrancy on artwork to bring it to life exactly as the artist intended.

Getting in Early in the Design-Build Process

Getting in Early in the Design-Build Process
Because TRIPhase offers the broadest, most advanced lighting options in the region, the earlier they are brought in with your team, the better the results will be. They can collaborate with the Architect and Builder on the architectural design from the start, ensuring wires are pulled to the proper places, include fixtures and even get the proper colors and spreads to accentuate the home perfectly. Also, as an expert in home controls, TRIPhase can work with your Designer and Builder to put the controls in the right places, such as lighting keypads in décor matching finishes.

Robert shared, “When our Builders, Designers and Clients see this demo, they quickly understand how the right lighting can make their entire home look better. And because we do it start to finish, it streamlines the process, avoids costly mistakes and ultimately leads to greater Homeowner excitement and satisfaction about their project.”
TRIPhase also has two resident lighting designers on staff to help, and that’s a huge benefit.

How to Transform Your Home with Expert Lighting Design

How to Transform Your Home with Expert Lighting Design
We saw it, now we believe it! Departing the building, we realized how crucial it is to look to the experts to take your lighting and Indianapolis home to an entirely new level. It’s crystal clear that the full impact of lighting can only be understood by visiting this unique space. Even in the most beautiful home, mediocre lighting can detract from the appeal. With the professionals at TRIPhase, you get a bespoke lighting design that fits your needs and aesthetic vision.

Don’t trust us or imagine it in your mind’s eye. Go see it live for yourself. In 45 minutes, you’ll experience and truly grasp the full power and potential of today’s transformative lighting solutions.

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Photo Credits: The Home Aesthetic