Connected Technology

Today, all your smart devices, building technology, communications and more are connected on the network. This offers newfound flexibility, increased productivity and many benefits for visitors. We are experts and understanding your needs and what technologies must be connected on your network and then designing a holistic solution that works for you and your teams. This can be one room of components or it can be everything from HD displays, IPTV, media or computer servers, commercial lighting control, motorized shades, security, VoIP phones and more. In all cases, we can provide one-touch controls and reliable, secure connectivity.


A network is the central nervous system of every connected facility. We’ll lay a rock-solid, reliable foundation that’s robust for today’s technology and for the future. We’re experts at designing and installing a comprehensive network solution that meets all your requirements including internet access, cloud computing, phone, audio, video, security and surveillance, mobile devices and control systems that are connected. A high-speed, ultra-cybersecure network provides the reliability and protection that every business needs today, and we can deliver just that.

Network Security

We can coordinate with your Internet Service Provider to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity for your all your business technology. Firewalls are engineered for maximum protection. In some cases, a redundant backup ISP is recommended. We can even provide ongoing support and deliver diagnostic services remotely. Enterprise-grade equipment from routers, switches and access points are combined to create a protected network for all your data and operations. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind to use all devices with the most secure, reliable connection.

Video Conferencing

Throughout Indiana, we deliver video-enabled solutions, conferencing and telepresence solutions that provide the latest in collaboration and business meeting technologies. We bring you integrated technology and even custom furniture to suit the room and technology best. With today’s real-time video conferencing, WebEx and Zoom meetings, we make them happen better and faster, while engaging teams in the office with participants from around the world. You’ll Increase message delivery without compromising communication or objectives, all while getting immediate feedback and involvement from participants. The system will pay for itself via reduced travel and more “on time” that can be planned or impromptu.

Intercom Systems

Today’s intercom systems are connected and more efficient than ever. You’ll communicate from room to room from the same touch screen or mobile device used to manage your smart control system. We offer all the options including wired and wireless intercom, video intercom and more. You’ll gain crystal-clear sound and video while using simpler controls to everything you need.

Cell Booster Systems

Dropping calls and poor signal quality can create hassle, lost time and take away from productivity. Our cellular booster systems improve the signal for voice transmission and increase the signal and speed performance for data transmission for mobile devices and more. Cellular booster systems can capture the outside signals from nearby towers and enhance them for greater indoor performance. And, these do not require an internet connection to operate.

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