Stealth Patio Theater Project Takes Backyard Viewing to the Extreme


TRIPhase Technologies in Indiana finds just the right display solution implementing the impressively big Stealth Patio Theater from Stealth Acoustics.

Stealth Patio Theater Project Takes Backyard Viewing to the Extreme

The integrator and manufacturer collaborated on the design and installation of a Stealth Patio Theater Extreme retractable outdoor LED entertainment system. (Courtesy of TRIPhase Technologies)

When one thinks of lavish outdoor living, places like Southern California or Florida might be among the first locales that spring to mine. But right in the heartland of America, in the Midwest state of Indiana, there’s backyard entertainment that would be the envy of homeowners on either coast, thanks to the implementation of one of Stealth Acoustics’ massive Stealth Patio Theater system.

The homeowners in this case wanted to create a resort-style outdoor space, particularly to engage their four children so they could enjoy more quality time outside. They turned to TRIPhase Technologies, a popular Indianapolis-area integrator located in Zionsville, to make this request come to life.

According to the perennial CE Pro 100 company — TRIPhase landed at No. 18 in the 2023 rankings — the homeowners had a few criteria they wanted to see incorporated on this project pertaining to the technology and the aesthetics.

The clients had three core criteria in the design goals of the project, according to TRIPhase President and Founder Robert Haecker:

  • Install as large a TV as possible that could also be hidden when not in use
  • Deliver the most incredible audio possible for their space, but also directional so it wouldn’t disturb their neighbors
  • Create an easy-to-use system that would be compatible with their existing Elan (Nice) home automation system.

As a Stealth Acoustics dealer, TRIPhase Technologies knew just what the project called for in this case to address the customers’ three main wishes. So, they worked with the Mount Vernon, Wash., based company on the design and installation of a Stealth Patio TheaterExtreme retractable outdoor LED entertainment system.

Stealth Patio Theater Project Takes Backyard Viewing to the Extreme

TRIPhase had to enlist a crane company to lift the SPT Extreme over the pool. (Courtesy of TRIPhase Technologies)

The TRIPhase Technologies clients dreamed of creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment area for their four children. “They wanted a Disney-like experience with incredible sound and a cinema-sized screen viewable from the pool and surrounding areas to maximize time, activities, and fun,” Haecker says.

“This was one of the most beautiful and fun projects we’ve had the pleasure of being involved with.”

Planning with Partners Proves Key to Stealth Patio Theater Success

The biggest challenge was the lack of access to the installation location. After installing the new pool, there wasn’t enough room for heavy equipment to transport the 1,800-pound Stealth Patio Theater to the specified location, Haecker explains. “Ultimately, a crane company lifted the unit over the pool and put it into its proper place!”

Stealth Patio Theater Project Takes Backyard Viewing to the Extreme

The retractable SPT Extreme hides within its housing when not in use. (Courtesy of TRIPhase Technologies)

He reports the customers love their new, epic outdoor entertainment space designed and implemented by TRIPhase Technologies based around the Stealth Patio Theater Extreme all-in-one outdoor retractable TV system.

When not in use, the enormous TV and integrated LCR soundbar hide away at the touch of a button.

This solution is composed of many 12-inch LED screens that snap together and give the client what they envisioned. With the LED solution, it is effective in sunlight as well, Haecker notes.

With the new SPT system beautifully set into the landscaping and operated with simple controls from their Nice system alongside the other existing systems inside and outside the home, the customers have everything they envisioned.

In addition to the stunning new outdoor space and Stealth Patio Theater Extreme 156-inch outdoor retractable TV system with integrated soundbar, this property-wide project also includes:

  • Sonance Landscape Series distributed audio provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers.
  • Lutron QSX for property-wide lighting control, including the main house, pool house, pavilion, and landscape, creating a fun and functional experience.
  • Nice controls for seamless automation of audio, distributed video, surveillance with Luma, HVAC control, and pool/spa control.
  • The client was interested in unique lighting implemented via a combo of Lucifer, DMF Lighting, and Core Lighting throughout the home and outdoor campus.
  • Outdoor heaters by Infratech
  • Security system by DSC

“Our close planning and work with project partners has advanced over the years, and this is a wonderful example of that. It took all of the partners to deliver on this client’s vision, including our team on the technology design and implementation, the landscape architect, designer and builder,” Haecker says.

“This kind of project is our sweet spot, and it really came to life here in every way.”

Stealth Patio Theater Project Takes Backyard Viewing to the Extreme

A 156-inch SPT Extreme model with integrated soundbar was used, complemented by an array of Sonance Landscape speakers. (Courtesy of TRIPhase Technologies)

In addition to this impressive outdoor theater and entertainment, TRIPhase connected everything on the entire 20,000-square-foot-property including lighting, shades, security and more.

As it turns out, the customers were thrilled, and TRIPhase was lauded for the work, which earned this project the 2023 Patio Theater Installation of the Year Award from Stealth. Who needs to go to Florida for an awe-inspiring exterior space?